Elliptic Nautical Currents of Habitat

16 January
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I am esoteric. I'm a bull in a china shop. I love unconditionally and it can throw people off. Social rule inept but able to get closer and deeper with people than they are used to. Constantly surprising people. I don’t fit into any social group or idea. I break psychological rules. I have ideas popping out of all my orifices. I talk to protect myself and shut up when I'm comfortable. I don’t think you’re wrong just because I question it. I constantly play the underdog and think everything through before making a decision. This can make decisions slow.

I am engaged to life. I'm working harder than I should and I'm scared of loosing the reasons along the way. I tend to sing when I'm in a good mood and a sad mood. My relationships with family and friends are as valuable as the experience of life. I'll be there for them in a heart beat. Less then a heart beat.

I'm a business owner in the health care profession who just finished their BA in pre-med cog sci and dance therapy. I am also a starving sculpture, a non-starving photographer, and biodynamic gardener. I'm a geek, a healer, and a baby Buddha of sorts. Always working on it.

Now: I’m poly, kinesthetic, neither boi or fem and am not looking to find my soul mate at the moment. Stubborn, creative, and I work as hard as I play. Challenge me, respect me and chill. A cup of tea… a 35 mile bike ride… a road trip to the sierra… dancing at 2:00am… howling at the moon… a poem… a letter… a thought… Learn… Hike… Spelunking…. Swimming…. Biking…. Dancing (you name it I dance it)…. Yoga… Create…. Garden (play in the dirt)….. Meditation…. Travel…. Change… Intellectual conversation… Face Fears…. Djembe….. Fix Things…. Cello…. Sing…. Philosophy…. Art…. Biodynamics…. Science… Anthroposophy… Build Things….

And I am sagacious

I love you anyway, whoever you are, whatever you come as. Stay present, stay open, and try life, work at it (Like Winnie the Pooh not Bank of America CEO). I trust people most that challenge themselves and challenge me. Just say it. Just do it.